Where are you based?


Are your tents waterproof?

Yes-to an extent. Water can get through along the seems if the tent is stretched out quite severely. Or if the tent is very old or warn. Otherwise water doesn't penetrate the material.

How or why are Bedouin/stretch tents better than marquee tents?

The pro's of erecting a bedouin/stretch tents are:

  • The bedouin/stretch tents are less expensive to hire than a marquee tent.
  • They're more flexible, meaning they can be erected over trees, buildings, on uneven surfaces and over pools or ponds.

How long do your tents last?

It depends on the way the tent has been erected and the weather. If set up correctly and the weather is forgiving, our tents have been known to last more than 2 years outdoors.

Can the sides of the tent be flush/up against the ground?

It depends on the spacing of the lugs on the tent. The closer together they are, the easier it is to get the side of the tent flush with the ground.

How can i find out what tent size i need?

We usually recommend 2 square meters of tent per guest. It does however depend on whether you want the sides of the tent up or down, whether or not there will be a dance floor under the tent, as well as the size and shape of tables beneath the tent.

Once hired. How many days do we get to keep the tent for?

Usually 3-4 days. Should you require the tent for longer than this, there will be an additional cost.

How long does it take to erect a tent?

It depends on the size of the tent. A 6x4m tent can take between 1 and 2 hours, where as a very large, difficult rig can take anything from 4-12 hours of work.

Do your tents comply with safety regulations?

When a tent is larger than 120 square meters or is on municipal land it's recommended that an engineer signs it off. We will have to call an engineer to sign it off at your cost. Although our tents have never given us any problems in the past,we do ask you to sign an indemnity form. Simply to be on the safe side.

Are your tents fire-proof?

No, fires are prohibitted beneath our tents. It's simply not safe.